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Workshops: Enriching project-based learning experiences

 In addition to our high quality 1-on-1 tutoring, Tutorpedia offers project-based workshops for middle school and high school students.  Students can choose from over 30 workshops that are designed to be fun and engaging, but also to build essential skills that students can use to help themselves in school, work, and life.  Workshops typically involve 6-12 students and last 12-20 hours (6-10 two hour sessions), but they can be customized to fit almost any schedule or time frame.  In our workshops, students cultivate essential skills and habits of mind in a fun, extracurricular context, and they have the chance to work collaboratively with peers and instructors alike.

Tutorpedia workshops are very flexible. Workshops can easily fit into schools’ after school or extracurricular programs, can be delivered to homeschooling circles or community centers, can be offered privately, or can be taught in the summers or over extended school vacations. There is no set location or time for workshops, as each workshop will have its own needs. Locations and times are handled on a case-by-case basis. Tutorpedia Workshops give enterprising educators the opportunity to publish their work on a reputable and recognized public forum, utilize innovative models of curriculum design and pedagogy, connect with students, and actually teach what they’ve always dreamt of teaching.

Tutorpedia Workshops are:

  • Project-based. At the end of every workshop, students will have made, done, performed, accomplished, or completed something that they can show to their family and friends.
  • Authentic. Students will not just be learning about something; they will be actively constructing their understanding and skills in a real context.
  • Personalized. Like Tutorpedia’s 1-on-1 tutoring, small group workshops take into account the needs and wants of every student that participates. Enrollment in workshops is kept small to ensure that nobody gets left behind or slips through the cracks. Workshops typically involve 6-10 students and last 12-20 hours (6-10 two hour sessions), but they can be as long or as short as the author wants.
  • Rigorous, but fun. Workshop authors and teachers have chosen the topics that they are working with. Not only are they passionate about their workshops’ subject matter, they are experts in it.
  • Enriching. Students cultivate essential skills and habits of mind in a fun extracurricular context, and have a chance to work collaboratively with peers who share their interests.

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Workshop Subjects

Workshop Notes

Solving Hard Problems

Solving Hard Problems
The world is filled with hard problems. In order to solve these hard problems, students need to develop solid critical reading and quantitative analysis skills. This workshop is designed to build these essential skills for students, and to expose them to some very controversial and relevant problems that the world is facing. Topics may vary from workshop to workshop, but can include childhood obesity, the water crisis in the American West, the state and federal budget deficit, or the educational achievement gap. In addition to tackling these hard problems and cultivating excellent critical reading and quantitative analysis skills, students will learn a process for problem solving that can be applied to problems that they face in their own lives.
Final Project:
Students will come up with their own "hard problem" that needs solving, conduct individual research about that problem, formulate a solution, and present their solution to their peers and community

This course is designed for middle school students, but can be customized for elementary and high school students as well.

When & Where:
This workshop will be taught at the First Graduate summer program in June, 2011. Please contact us if you want to bring "Solving Hard Problems" to your students!

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